Society Wine Bar FAQs

What makes Society Wine Bar unique?

Society Wine Bar is a low investment opportunity that is highly scalable and much less expensive than a typical food business. Our boutique wine concept features four revenue streams and is backed by a highly respected and experienced team.

How much does the franchise cost?

The estimated startup costs for a Society Wine Bar franchise range from $151,100 to $328,200 depending on the location and its commercial real estate rates.

How much money do I need to have to get started?

Franchise candidates should have liquid assets of $100,000 and a minimum net worth of $330,000 to open a Society Wine Bar.

How does purchasing work?

We work with your local distributors and help you curate a collection of popular wines that appeal to newer wine drinkers as well as more unusual varietals.

Do I get certified?

Franchisees will attend a two-week training at Cork University in Tampa covering everything you need to know about operations, from hiring and training front and back of the house staff, to learning how to prepare our products correctly, to furnishing your new restaurant, to advertising and marketing in your community.

How many employees do I need?

Society Wine Bar requires a small staff of 3 to 6 part-time employees, including the manager.  Because we do only have a small kitchen, we don’t require additional cooking or food prep staff.

Do I need to have food experience?

You don’t need prior food experience to run a Society Wine Bar, just a passion for wine. Our business doesn’t require a large kitchen and our elegant and straightforward menu of small plates and desserts are designed to complement our extensive wine and craft beer menu and need minimal training and prep.

How do wine classes work?

Society Wine Bar’s Weekly Wine Society is a fun and low-cost wine tasting class open to anyone in the community who wants to learn more about wine. They also offer an opportunity for owners to invite guest winemakers and wine representatives. Our knowledgeable staff teaches attendees the international grape profiles while exploring the differences between Old World & New World grape varietals.

How many bottles by the glass?

Society Wine Bar features 200 wines by the glass, making it one of the most extensive wine offerings in the nation. We group our menu in fun boutique categories that capitalize on individual taste palates and are more welcoming and engaging than the typical wine list at most restaurants and bars.

What equipment do I need?

Society Wine Bar uses patented wine aerators to ensure wines have a lengthy shelf life and maintain optimum taste. These also help eliminate waste and boost ROI. We also use proper stemware for wines to enhance the guest experience.

Do I need to be a wine expert?

While you don’t need to be a certified sommelier, the ideal Society Wine Bar owner will have some knowledge of wine and a passionate interest in wine.

Where are we growing?

Society Wine Bar is focusing on growth throughout our launch state of Florida and throughout the Southeast.

Is financing available?

We do not offer direct financing. However, we work with some third-party financial institutions that may be able to help you with financing.

What happens after I fill out a form on this site?

You’ll receive an email from us with an invitation to download our free franchise report — a document that explains our business model and opportunity in detail. You can email or print it to share with friends, family or others who can help you decide if it’s the right opportunity for you. We’ll also call you so that we can both get to know one another better and give you a chance to ask us any questions you may have.

What kind of location do you recommend for a Society Wine Bar?

We recommend around a 1,200-square-foot retail space with plenty of traffic and in proximity to fine dining restaurants. We can assist franchisees in finding and assessing potential locations. We can provide guidance on setup so that your space layout is efficient and enhances the guest experience.

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